Mister Weston - Whitney G.

Mister Weston

By Whitney G.

  • Release Date: 2016-08-29
  • Genre: Erotic Romance
Score: 4.5
From 241 Ratings


The first night I met Gillian Taylor, she claimed she was a pilot. Then she claimed she worked for a "private airline."

I knew right then and there that she was lying to me, and that sexy as hell or not, she was the type of woman I needed to avoid.

Still, after a pleasurable one night stand, I was certain we'd never see each other again. That we didn't need to see each other again. 

Until I saw her in an airport a few weeks later...
Until I realized that we were both assigned to work the same flight. 

She was the flight attendant. 
I was the pilot. 

Those two facts should've cemented the main reason why we needed to keep things professional and follow the rules, but I couldn't stay away from her, and our forbidden affair was about to get far more turbulent than I'd ever imagined.


  • Whitney G

    By Channelling
    Books are amazing but not erotic. Excellent writing! Very impressed.
  • Turbulence

    By Medtechbarbie
    This book is quintessential Whitney G! I adored the characters, the story, the intense feelings they have for each other...everything! Read this!
  • 5 Turbulent Emotions Stars!!!!!

    By Sasha4Ever80
    Man, oh, man. This book just about killed me. Soo, Jake and Gillian…I can’t tell you how they first meet because it’s the perfect opening. You see it coming and you’re cracking up/reading with anticipation. Soo funny! After they meet and all that, their worlds continue to collide because he’s a pilot and she’s the stewardess….among other things. Jake is a very interesting Hero. I trusted Whitney G., and knew going in, things are not always like you see. I was right, because Jake’s backstory and why he IS the way he is had me in shock. It was sooo sad, and I hope that has never happened, but wow…wouldn’t surprise me ever. The most painful thing for me in this book was the person Jake talks to closer to the end of the story, but not his Dad or brother. Without going into details, I balled my eyes out and was like, “WHAT!?!?!?” It was perfection! Gillian doesn’t know all of Jake’s story and when the reader finds out, you’re like ready to scream at Gillian to back off a little bit from being upset with him, but reading quickly to see what will happen. Gillian, however, does have her own issues. She has been hurt pretty badly by many people and I felt terrible for her. (I really wanted to know if this happened in real life to Whitney G, because that was sooo real and sad, it felt like some personal experience in there. Whitney G., I hope that didn’t happen to you, but you keep doing you!!!) Two hurt people trying to make something out of an arrangement that was supposed to not include feelings….mmm, sooo good and loved the epilogue book too. Also, this is on Audible with Joe Arden and Erin Mallon narrating. It is soooooo good! Joe Arden gets the humor and snarky of Jake very well, and Erin gets Gillian down, too. Recommended for sure!
  • A clever masterpiece

    By Hb314
    This book had me laughing the entire time. Jake is just awful, but he truly gets under your skin in the end. He wins you over, whether you want it or not!This story is steamy, and the chemistry is off the charts insane! This author never fails to keep me addicted to the stories that she spins so beautifully. I would one hundred percent suggest this clever masterpiece to all of my friends!
  • Read on a pland

    By ladavisthrill
    Seriously have read this book at least 3 times. My favorite is reading it on a plane!
  • Whitney G does it again

    By Stacijzb
    Could not put this book down. The bantering in this story is the best, laugh out loud, can’t believe he just said that. By far one of the best stories I’ve read in a while
  • Turbulence

    By miss fest
    This book was the best book it kept me on my toes and I love every minute of reading it I was so happy how it ended you are a really good writer keep it up love it ❤️Destanie
  • Confusing timeline

    By Soccerkaty
    I liked this story. The characters were well developed but I had a terrible time following the actual timeline. I don’t mind flipping past and present but maybe add some dates in or something for future books.
  • Turbulence

    By akm30566